Area Of Activities



Activities includes, but not limited to:

  • Surveying and layout Works
  • Soil Sampling, Testing and Review
  • Concrete Mix Design Approvals from PID
  • Epoxy Coated Steel Bars and Embedded Items Material Receiving
  • Handling, Storage and Preservation of Epoxy Coated Steel bars
  • Bolts, Nut and Washer Material Receiving
  • Fill, Select Fill and Marl Cap Material Receiving
  • Construction of Right of Way
  • Wellhead Cellar Constructions
  • Excavation of Pipeline Trenches
  • Sand Bedding
  • Pipe Lowering
  • Backfilling of Pipeline Trenches & Final Grading
  • Construction of Berm
  • Rock Breaking
  • Formwork for Miscellaneous Foundations
  • Installation of Epoxy Coated Steel Bars, Embedded items and Form Closure
  • Concrete Sampling, testing & Placement
  • Concrete Finishing & Curing
  • Moisture Field Test
  • Concrete Testing & Final Acceptance
  • Concrete Coating and Repair Materials Receiving, Storage and Preservation
  • Concrete Coating and Pre-Installation
  • Pre-casting of Fence, Gate & Miscellaneous Foundations
  • Excavation for Miscellaneous Foundations during Construction
  • Levelling, Fill Placement and Compaction
  • Density Test
  • Installation of Wind Sock Pole
  • Installation of Fence Post, Gate Post Foundations
  • Installation of Fence Type III, IV and V, Rig Plates & Main Gates
  • Installation of Well head platforms, Cellar, Drum marker, Guard rail & Remote control
  • Installation of Shelter for Corrosion Inhibitor Skid
  • Installation of Shelter for RTU
  • Installation of Shelter for Battery Charger
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