Code Of Conduct

Quality Policy

In order to ensure compliance with Customer requirements and the fostering of continualimprovement in its Quality System and operations, SJC Management has made thefollowing policy decision:

That all activities associated with the provision of services supplied by SJC to theircustomers i.e. all those activities stated explicitly and implied in the corporate profile ofthe SJC Group and contracts entered into, in general Pipeline, Civil, Mechanical,Electrical, Infrastructure and Building Projects shall be governed by a Quality Management Systemcomplying with the stipulations of ISO 9001- 2008 and SAEP-1154.

Management has appointed aQuality Control Supervisor who is responsible for theQuality functions, and further to serve as a focal point to deal with documentation,  coordination with clients and arranges for Quality relatedtraining seminars and courses for personnel.

In its continuous effort to maintain an appropriate and effective Quality  Management  System reaffirms its commitment to:

  • Establish clear, measurable Quality Objectives.
  • Continually monitor, review and reset. Quality Objectives.
  • Continually monitor, review, and strive to improve the Quality Management System and processes related to customer satisfaction.
  • Establish liaison procedures with clients and suppliers.
  • Study, analyses and understand customer requirements.
  • Study, analyses and meet all mandatory requirements inclusive of Local, Nationaland International laws & regulations and Health, Safety and Environmentalrequirements.
  • Verify and decide which functions need to be procedurally controlled
  • Bring about awareness among all the employees, the reason for, and the benefitsto be obtained from, the implementation and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

Define responsibilities and lines of communication for each department or discipline.

Kuriakose M. Ouseph

Operations Manager

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